What’s in Your Food?

What’s in Your Food?

It’s so easy to go and purchase prepared foods. Whether it’s at a restaurant, fast food joint, the supermarket deli counter, or the market’s refrigerator section, it’s pretty much just a 3 minute wait to feed your face. But, what’s the cost? Have you wondered what’s in your food, exactly?

Most of the foods that we eat when we’re out, no matter where they come from , are highly processed and full of preservatives.

Just think about the process in order to make every single McDonald’s burger identical. The meat (whatever content that is), plus fillers are pressed into perfect little patties, then frozen and shipped all over the place on big trucks. The meat is stored for who knows how long (and it doesn’t go bad), then prepared literally in minutes for you to consume on a highly processed, low nutrition bun with sugary sauces like ketchup. Not ideal. Or fried chicken from KFC, or Wendy’s, or BK. Etc…

It all starts with the sourcing of your food

If it doesn’t come from organic, humanely raised sources, the quality of the meat product will be inferior. Do your vegetables come from conventional farms? Then they will be cheaper for sure, but at what cost? Well, the nutritional content of conventionally produced fruits and vegetables is so inferior that it provides about 50% of the nutrition of organically grown produce. That’s a big difference.

So, the question is, what do you eat when you’re in a hurry? Have you tried an apple? It contains a single ingredient. Apple. Or prepare a quality salad. Pre-cook your organic grass-fed beef and make a patty. The list goes on…

Just know that for every poor decision you make on food, there’s a cost to your body. It might be elevated blood sugar that leads to diabetes. It could be heart disease or cancer. You’ve got to decide.

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