From Happy Clients


A Transformation of the Body and Mind!

Aaron is an inspiring person who lives what he teaches. I have known him for a few years now through our mutual Taekwon-Do family and have witnessed him come back strong after physical setbacks. More recently, I have been following his Renegade Face Book page and have appreciated his photos and inspirational videos. If I lived closer to him, I would surely work out with him. The next best thing was when I saw his on-line 6-week Fat Loss Transformation Group and was excited to participate.
As part of the Program, I received a digital copy of his book, Becoming Vitruvian Man. I read it before starting the program and re-read it again during the program. I learned quite a few new things about how the body works and new ideas to try. Historical conceptions were challenged, and it all made such good sense. Over the years I have realized that our ancestors didn’t worry about diets because they were too busy working to get enough food to survive. We have turned into a society that has everything within easy reach (most of us anyway) and we gobble it down without even thinking. Aaron’s book puts how we should be eating in perspective. His 6-week program is easy to follow and it worked for me. I have lost inches and the few extra pounds. I have gained muscle tone and when I confessed to eating something not on the list, Aaron was always encouraging and not judgmental.
Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man sketch epitomizes the beauty, complexity, and symmetry of the human frame. He was passionate about art, science and the human body as Aaron is. I understand a bit more now about the title and objective of Aaron’s book. We should all aspire to become our own Vitruvian Man! We were born with our own ‘frame’ and we should do our best to keep it strong. Thank you Aaron!

Rita Ranieri
New Jersey