The Absolute Minimum Equipment You Need for Your Home Gym

Believe it or not, even as a fitness professional who makes money seeing clients in person, I’m a huge proponent of people creating an exercise space or home gym in their houses. You don’t need a lot of space, much equipment, and you definitely don’t need to spend a bunch of money. Craigslist, LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, and other sites provide easy access to used gear. There are certain pieces I recommend you purchase new, such as exercise loops, Monster bands, and exercise tubing, but the rest can be used and will work great!

Here’s my top pieces of equipment you MUST HAVE for your training space!

EXERCISE TUBING: These tubes come in different strengths, so get a kit that allows you to link multiple strengths together. It should have handles, a wall or door anchor, and may come with ankle straps or other accessories. Here’s a link to the one I recommend for my clients:

EXERCISE LOOPS: These pieces also come in several strengths, and can be used for warm ups, rehabilitation, joint stability, and for a multitude of movements. Here’s the one I recommend:

DUMBBELLS (AND A RACK): You can perform any number or strength training movements with a set of dumbbells. I recommend, based on how strong you are, a set from 5-25 for beginners, 5-50 for advanced lifters, and 5-75 for lifters interested in bodybuilding training. Used is fine.

KETTLEBELLS: Like dumbbells, these are enormously diverse pieces of equipment. You only need one kettlebell for each weight, not a pair as you do for dumbbells. For beginners, get 10-25lbs, intermediate 10-40, and advanced, 10-60. Used is just fine!

SUSPENSION TRAINER: I cannot emphasize enough how amazingly diverse these are. There are many companies who make them, but I recommend either the TRX or Jungle Gym XT. You can grab these used, or new.

AN EXERCISE MAT AND A FOAM ROLLER: Don’t forget about soft tissue work and mobility! You can grab a yoga mat and roller at 5 Below, Marshalls, Ross, Target, and other inexpensive stores. I’d get these new.

SWISS BALL: Yep, you definitely want one. It can double as an exercise bench, is a great tool for core development, and is fun to integrate into your sessions. I’d buy these new. Here’s an Amazon link to one I’ve recommended in the past:

So, there you have it! That’s the minimum you need to get going. You can definitely get yourself started for just a couple hundred bucks, and put together amazing workouts from the comfort of your home!

Even better, I can do the exercise programming and coaching for you! Yep, one of the awesome things about Renegade Fitness is that we provide online coaching, which allows us to help people anywhere in the world. Check out the link for online coaching:

I’m here to help!


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