You Don’t Have Enough Time…

Today is my daughter’s 11th birthday.

You may be wondering why I’d write a post about this, but it is very important. Not just to me, but to you, too.

You see, there’s something that we need to remember in the back of our minds at all times. We only have a certain amount of time in this life.

YOLO, right?


Doing whatever you want, irrespective of the consequences and how it affects those around you is a totally selfish way to go through life.

Instead, share your experience and knowledge with others. Go make memories. Don’t simply acquire things. You can’t take them with you when you’re gone.

Spend time with your family and loved ones. Enjoy one another. Turn off those electronics at the dinner table, and have an actual conversation. Attend your child’s activities and performances as much as possible.

There’s only a limited amount of time!

Your kids will remember how you were with them their entire lives. Were you absent a lot? Or were you hands on, helping them navigate life’s challenges, teaching them from your experience along the way? Or did you just stick them in front of the TV or iPad, waiting for them to figure it out for themselves.

Your kids, family, and friends need you. And you need them.

Don’t wait too long. Eventually, it’ll be too late.

Take good care of yourself, and teach others to do the same. Leave good memories for those around you. You only know how you impacted folks in life by how many are at your funeral!


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