Can You See the Forest?

I run into this problem a lot with clients. They’re so busy focused on the minutia of their programs, while simultaneously overlooking the biggest players in their success! I call that not being able to see the forest, as they’re so busy looking at individual trees.

When it comes to wellness, forget about exercise and nutrition. Don’t worry whether it’s keto, paleo, high intensity, crossfit, or whatever. It really doesn’t fucking matter until you’ve organized what I refer to as the 3 big rocks.


For starters, aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of good old filtered water each day. Not soda. Not juice. Water. Once you’re doing that on the regular, try to up it by 8 ounces a week, until you’re drinking at least 96 ounces a day.


If you aren’t getting a solid 7-9 hours of sleep most nights of the week, you can forget about recovery and weight loss. Your hunger hormones, adrenal glands, and the stress hormone cortisol will sabotage you. Instead, create a sleep ritual, and stick to it! And, put the electronics away!!!


If you can’t get your stress levels under control, you’ll break down sooner or later. If your brain and body always feel like they’re running from lions, you’ll experience adrenal fatigue. Additionally, you’ll be exhausted, but can’t sleep (see #2). Learn to meditate, take walks, and detach.

Got the 3 big rocks in order? Then, you can move on to some other things, like:

-Reducing consumption of alcohol

-Limiting caffeinated beverages to before noon

-Reducing or eliminating added sugars from the diet

-Choosing whole, minimally processed foods

-Focusing on protein and good fats


Once you’re in full stride on the 3 big rocks and the main points of focus, then (and only then), can you start adding some specific principles to your program! That might look something like this:

-Perform 16 hour Intermittent fasts 3x/week

-Strength Train 2x/week

-Perform metabolic HIIT training 2x/week

-Take a 30 minute walk each day

-Reduce starch consumption during the week to nil, and have a meal on the weekend that includes a carbohydrate re-feed


Are you starting to get it?

Stop putting on your tie before your shirt. Focus on the most important aspects of your program. Get them right. Then, move on.

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