Develop Yourself | 5 Things You Can Do Starting Right Now to Change (Pt 4)

DEVELOP YOURSELF- 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Change the Person You Are For the Better! (Part 4)

Most people are stagnant. Each day, each month, and each year, they perform the same tasks in exactly the same way, with exactly the same results. Then, when you ask them how they’re doing, they complain about their situation. There’s another path…

Using a popular term from Japanese culture, the word KAIZEN means “constant and steady improvement”

In order to improve, you must first recognize that you have room for improvement. That’s where most people fall short. It’s also what separates very successful people from everyone else.

I’m guilty of it too, don’t worry. Years ago, I used to find every reason why I wasn’t reaching the level of success in my businesses that I thought I should have. I was so sure that I knew it all, and that my circumstances caused my stagnation, that I looked to blame everything and everyone, except for myself.

Then I finally started to take responsibility for everything.

My formal education wasn’t enough. Instead, I needed to learn about business. My business model was flawed, and I decided to learn how to reinvent my business in a way that worked for me and would bring me the clientele I wanted. I built strong relationships with other successful folks in the same business, and in businesses I could learn from, and asked a lot of questions. Investing in my success became a priority, as well as, applying the tools I gained to help improve my situation.

It all started with acknowledging my own flaws, then owning the responsibility to make it better.

So, here’s what I did:


I began buying books on Amazon about the business side of fitness. Very quickly I realized that no amount of knowledge about exercise science would actually get me customers. The way to improve my customer acquisition was to give them the service they deserve, and then keep them long term. Then in turn, they would refer their friends, which would increase my clientele organically.

Business System

Investing heavily in programs that helped me develop my business systems was a game changer. I realized that I was a great trainer who had no actual system in place to run a successful business. I was still simply accepting money cash or checks only, raising my rates made me nervous, and I had no long-term strategy. Now, I work less and make far more.


There are people out there who are better than I am at coaching, business, and integrating it all. After finding them, I learned as much as possible from them.

Understanding Human Behavior

After spending well over $100K on my formal education over the years, I realized that no amount of exercise science knowledge can actually change behaviors. I bought books on human behavior and coaching. They helped me understand the “why” my clients are in the place they are, what their obstacles and challenges are, and how to help keep them focused on tasks. The only way of helping them in the long-term was to understand the whys and hows.

Changing my Own Behavior

Rather than be obstinate about what I thought I knew, I became open to other theories, philosophies, and views. I could not impose my will on my clients. Instead I started working with, coaching, and educating them. I began to understand the differences in people better. All of the sudden, my business grew.

Training Approach

Rather than just focus on heavy lifting and “cardio”, I changed my approach to training and focused on movement. Some days heavy, others light. Fast movement on some days, and slower in others. Started going for long walks, and spending more time outside. I got away from the “if you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail” mentality. My body changed rapidly, as did the bodies of my clients.


I began mediating daily, and reading daily. It’s not always exercise science, it might be business, success/habits, fiction, skill acquisition that I don’t yet have, nonfiction, or simply journals.


I made myself accountable to me. I use lists and written goals, I make sure I’m on track daily to take action towards achieving those goals.


I don’t take everything so seriously. Believe it or not, if you’ve got food, shelter, and safety (Maslow), you really are pretty well off. The rest is your blank page, where you get to decide what goes on it!

I’m here to help!


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