How Vitamin D can Optimize Your Health

How Vitamin D can Optimize Your Health

Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine hormone”. A fat soluble vitamin, Vitamin D is produced by your body thru outdoors sunlight exposure in just 20-30 minutes per day. Vitamin D is also found in trace amounts in certain foods, or fortified (chemically-enhanced) foods. It should come as no surprise that daily sun exposure is the way to go to maximize your body’s own Vitamin D production.

In the body, Vitamin D is involved in the absorption of phosphorous and calcium, both of which are vital to healthy bones, teeth, the immune system, and blood. On the other hand, low levels of Vitamin D are associated with osteopenia, osteoporosis, poor teeth health, blood disorders, and weak immune function.

Here are 3 things that are important lesser known functions of Vitamin D:

#1-It boosts the immune system.

Don’t want colds or the flu? Then go outside daily. Don’t want heart disease? Then make enough Vitamin D. If you want to decrease your chances of multiple sclerosis, expose yourself to 20-30 minutes of sunlight daily. It’s easy, just go outside!

#2-Vitamin D reduces depression and regulates moods

In tests involving people who either suffered from depression or fibromyalgia, supplemental Vitamin D (either through sunlight exposure or supplements) improved mood and reduced anxiety and feelings of depression.

#3-It boosts weight loss.

It appears that Vitamin D (especially the type you produce by being outdoors in the sun) acts as an appetite suppressant, which helps those who are trying to lose weight.

Always look for the most natural way to get your Vitamin D, which is spending time outdoors in the sunlight. It will change your life for the better! It will not only improve your mood and help your fitness level, but also help boost your vitamin D production.

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