Lessons from the Weekend

Lessons From the Weekend

We are constantly learning, and we can find lessons in all our day to day experiences. After 3 days training really hard in TaeKwon Do, I am reflecting on some fundamental truths:

  1. When your brain sends you the message that you are physically tired, your physical tank still has about 40% left. This is known as the US Navy SEALS 40% rule. Don’t give up too easily or quickly! Just because you are tired, it does not mean you are done. Push thru!
  2. You learn a lot about yourself by performing hard physical training. Training has a way of always exposing your strengths and weaknesses. In general, your mind and mindset are the things that need the most work.
  3. Performing hard training with others makes you feel a strong sense of community. Sharing fatigue, hard work, achievement, and support builds up an entire group. Use that group energy to propel you and keep you motivated.
  4. Learning is never done. The moment you feel that you know enough is the moment you become obsolete. Always maintain an open mind and remain willing to learn new information. There are lessons to be found everywhere. Just look closely.

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