Spread the Word | 5 Things You Can Do Starting Right Now to Change (Pt 5)


So, let’s review the first four items on our list of things you can do right now to change the person you are for the better, and then we’ll look at the final thing you’ll do to bring it all together:

  1. 168 Hours in a Week
  2. Become Conscious of Your Food and Your Environment
  3. Pay It Forward
  4. Develop Yourself

The fifth, and the one that brings everything together is:


We are so focused day to day on ourselves that we very often forget to share our knowledge and dreams with others. Each one of us has unique abilities, knowledge, and talents. It’s critical for us to teach, mentor, and help those who can benefit.

There’s a give and take here.

Others must be willing to receive our information, and we must be willing and patient with others in the process of our mentorship. We must learn to use self-control, empathy, and patience in bringing our neighbors, friends, and family into our lives.

It won’t be an easy task.

Some folks are too proud to learn from others. Others think that they know better already. Still, others may ignore our please.

We must never give up on them. Never.

Just because someone is proud, doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting. Just because someone thinks they know better doesn’t mean that they have it all figured out. Those who ignore us may not even see the forest yet.

The key is that we must be patient and persist. Don’t forcefeed. Don’t belittle. Support, share, make conversations, never close the door.

If each of us shared our gifts with one another, we’d be an incredibly open, intelligent, and loving population.

Let’s give that gift to the world!

I’m here to help.


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