Become Conscious of Your Food | 5 Steps You Can Do Right Now to Change (Pt 2)

Become Conscious of Your Food | 5 Steps You Can Do Right Now to Change (Pt 2)

Happy New Year everyone! Instead of setting resolutions again this year, and likely coming up short (again), you can instead put these 5 things to work in your life, starting right now, and totally change as a person.

Most people take for granted the food that ends up on their plates. We go to the market or restaurant, order, and WHAM! Delicious food magically appears in front of us!

Have you ever stopped to think about where that food comes from?


Farming is a particularly labor intensive process. Even more demanding, if the food you eat is from organic sources. First, the soil must be prepared. Then, plants must be seeded, fed proper nourishment, allowed to germinate, transplanted into their growing beds, kept from of insects, animals, and disease. They must be watered and attended to regularly, and when ready, must be harvested at the peak of their ripeness.

After that, they must be properly inspected, washed, packaged, and transported to various markets. Only then can we (or restaurants) purchase them and prepare them for us to eat. It takes a full year to prepare a crop for you to consume!


Assuming you are eating animals from organic or wild sources (which you absolutely should, if possible), the process is also very labor intensive. Animals are raised from the time that they are young, cared for by not only their parents, but also by farmhands. Because they are not given antibiotics or hormones, they must be eating quality plants that are pastured (or grubs and insects, in the case of poultry). These animals maintain a full and happy life, and when it is their time, they are not put under stress. Wild game, such as boar, elk, and venison are humanely put down by hunters.

Hunted food brings the individual much greater connection with their meal. They witnessed the greatness of the animal, and will take exceptional care of the meat that the animal provides. When done properly, none will go to waste. The Native Americans truly honor an animal after it is felled by hunters, and we should to.

It takes several years for an animal to grow large enough for us to consume, so we should be mindful of every bite.

When we are truly connected to our food, we will pay more attention to where it comes from, what it takes to prepare, and what is can do for our bodies.


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