Lessons I Learned On My Summer Vacation

Remember when you were in school, and each year you’d write an essay entitled “What I did over my summer vacation”? So do I.

Since I returned last week, I decided to give you some insights that I found while I spent 2 weeks in Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. You didn’t hear from me for 2 weeks because there was no cellphone service, internet, phones or televisions in the rooms.

And it was wonderful.

Lesson #1-Disconnect to Reconnect

We had the opportunity to hike around each day. by doing so, we saw not only amazing sites in nature, but we got to talk to one another without distraction. Since we weren’t busy trying to post as we went, we actually shared with one another and connected as a family.

Lesson #2-Pictures Don’t Do It Justice

You can’t capture nature in photos. It just cannot be done. When you’re out in the brush, breathing it in, seeing it all and being 100% in the moment, it burns the EXPERIENCE into your brain. No photo gives the context or the impact that being there does.

Lesson #3-Your Family Needs You

Humans are social creatures. We tend to be selfish and focused on improving our situations, either professionally or personally. Often, in doing so, we neglect paying enough attention to those who matter most, our families. Taking a trip together where you are truly disconnected from the outside world brings you together in a way that few other things can replicate.

Lesson #4-Keep the Momentum

This is hard! Once you get back from a trip that has impacted you in such a fashion, it’s easy to fall back into the old mentality that you had prior to the trip. Instead, use the lessons you learned when you were disconnected from everything else, and truly connected to the moment and your family. Don’t let your stressful day to day environment make you into a person you wouldn’t want to live with. Keep yourself whole, pure, and impactful to those around you

Lesson #5-Share Your Experience

As you gained these insights from reconnecting to nature and the present world, make the effort to teach others about those things you’ve learned. Encourage them to adventure. Teach them the value of disconnecting from the digital world. Remind them that the most important thing they have is this world, and their families. Let your passion be contagious.

In Yellowstone, we took an incredible tour led by a naturalist from Yellowstone Forever. If you’d like more information, check out the site: https://www.yellowstone.org/


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