5 Tips to Level Up in Life

5 Tips to Level Up in Life

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut in your life, don’t despair! There are a large number of things that you can do, a little each day, to not only look and feel better, but over time, these activities will have an enormous impact on your life direction for the better. Learn to be consistent. There is no greater catalyst for positive change than that of consistency. A little better each day. So here are 5 tips to level up in life!


If you want to improve your cognitive abilities, memory, and knowledge of worldly things, you’ve gotta read! Go online to Amazon (or head to a bookstore) and grab a book about a subject that interests you. It can be a fictional story, or it can be about a topic of interest. To give you an idea, I’m currently reading 3 different books (one in my bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the car), all about distinctly different topics. The one in my bedroom is a personal improvement book, the one in the living room is a biography of George Washington, and the one in my car is about the neurobiology of flow states. All very different, and all interesting to me. Find topics that interest you, and get to reading. Aim for at least 20 minutes each day!


Exercise and movement not only have a profound impact on the way you look, but they also have a massive impact on your hormones and the way your brain chemistry functions. Exercise doesn’t have to be formal, but it can if you want. Walk, jog, take a cycling class or ride your bike, use a stair climber or cross trainer, hit a heavy bag, jump rope, lift weights, or take a fitness class. It doesn’t matter what you do, just get moving each day!


Want to think clearly, have energy all day, feel good, look your best, and have robust health? Better pay attention to how you eat. Food isn’t only fuel, it’s information for your body! It tells your body what hormones to express, tells your body what proteins to build or not build, effects brain chemistry, and controls a number of processes. If you eat an apple, your body is fed quality micronutrients that make you look and feel great. If you eat a slice of white bread with bologna, it spikes your insulin and you uptake fat into your viscera, you have a rapid drop in energy shortly after, and you will have difficulty concentrating, not to mention that there are many chemicals in the processed meat!


If you want to learn how to make your body and mind immediately transform into a positive thinking, high functioning primate, spend time outdoors each day. Pay attention to the sights, sounds, and smells around you. Are there birds chirping? Can you hear the breeze in the trees? Studies show that spending time outdoors alters your brain chemistry in a way that allows for greater focus and concentration. It’s likely related to our primal heritage. Don’t believe me, next time you see a crying baby indoors, take it outside. It will generally calm down almost immediately!

Tip #5: HAVE SEX

Yep, here’s another reason to have sex. It releases positive hormones that relax and bring clarity to your brain, make your pheromones stronger, is a form of nonformal exercise, and dammit, it feels good. Additionally, being intimate enhances your emotional connection to your partner. It’s not just physical, it’s emotional. If you and your partner are having sex less than twice per week, schedule time to do it. I know, that sounds staged, but science is in your favor. You or your partner may be tired or not in the mood, but do it anyway. It will help maintain your relationship, will bring closeness, and will help you both physically and mentally.

Above all, do these things all the time. Consistency is the most important attribute leading towards positive change. Want to level up in life? Read, move, eat quality food, go outdoors, and have sex. Do them well. Do them often.

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