What Really Matters

If you’ve been watching the news over the past few days, it’s been pretty tragic. This post isn’t at all political, it’s intended to get you thinking about what really matters in life. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so you have an opportunity to make some real choices that will affect the quality of your life.

Check our the Webster’s Dictionary definition of LOVE: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/love

1.Material Objects are Bullshit

You heard me right. That shiny thing you think you want, well, it’s just a…thing. It’s designed and marketed to give you immediate pleasure, then you’ll move on to the next thing. It costs you money, benefits no one, and will sit on the shelf or in a driveway somewhere, unused.

2.Take Care of Your Body

You have but one vessel in which to live. You are given two choices, however; either take care of it, or destroy it. Either way, you’re stuck with it.

If you eat like a six year old, drink too much, smoke, don’t sleep enough, experience too much stress, sit around, don’t exercise, or any combination of these, you might as well mail it in now. You’re dooming yourself.

Or, you can focus on good nutrition habits, have a drink here and there, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, give your body rest and de-stressing activities like meditation and massage, and spend time with loved ones. That’s a combination for a healthy, happy life.

3.Friends and Family Matter

We are social creatures. As such, we will surround ourselves with folks we can relate to, have great conversations with, and support one another. Sometimes, that’s family. Other times, it’s your friends. Either way, we need them and they need us.

Being alone too much isn’t good. It leads to darkness and depression, and a loss of the ability to relate to others. So, instead, the internet becomes a vacuum of ideas and information that can put us in a terrible place.

Surround yourself with love and goodness.

4.Serve Others

One of the most wonderful things we can do on this planet is to really offer something to another person that they can use and truly benefit from. In my case, I teach martial arts and coach fitness, nutrition, and teach lifestyle habits. These things are tools to make a person’s life better. Maybe you have a different skill set. In this case, don’t be selfish. Instead, share your gifts with others. Studies show that we release oxytocin, the hormone that is released when we are in love, as a feel-good hormone when we do something helpful for others.

Get your fix.

Leave your mark on this planet in a positive way. Don’t focus on negative information and be an energy vampire. Instead, use a bad situation to create a new reality.

Not only for yourself.

But, for all the world!

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