Working In

I didn’t sleep well last night. On top of that, I’ve been training pretty hard each day, changing time zones, dealing with airports and flying, and even had KFC.

Time to “work in”, rather than “work out”.

Here’s a link to Paul Chek’s site, where he delves into working in techniques:

Not every day can be a heavy training session. Nor should it be. Life is full of curveballs, and you’ve gotta learn to flow with it, while still making daily movement a priority.

On days when you’re rested and your nutrition is on point, get after it. Lift heavy, train at higher volume, ratchet up the intensity. But on days where you’re a bit run down or need more recovery, focus on mobility, train shorter and with lighter loads, focus on technique rather than power or strength, or just go for a walk.

Your body needs to recover. Your muscles, nervous system, immune function, cardiovascular system, and even your brain will ebb and flow day to day. Roll with it.

Just because the calendar says heavy legs today doesn’t mean you need to be a slave to the calendar. Just get your nutrition right. Get some sleep. Stretch. Do some bodyweight training. And then call it a day.


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